Certified Life Care Planning Vocational Expert Service


Certified Life Care Planning Vocational Expert Service


Life Care Planning and Vocational Experts

Dianne Simmons Grab has been providing rehabilitation services for individuals with various disabilities and their representatives for over 40 years. With this experience, she founded Simmons Grab & Associates in 2005 and developed a network of forensic experts with courtroom experience, specializing in Life Care Planning which provides Future Medical Costs/Services through life expectancy in light of injuries/impairments; Vocational Expert Evaluations to determine a person’s capacity for employment; and, if deemed employable, identify jobs they can perform and the salary ranges; Disability Representation; and Case Management Services to attorneys, insurance companies, employers, facilities, third-party administrators, and private individuals.

With this wealth of experience, Simmons Grab & Associates is proud to work with a team of experts who have received many accolades. Our team individualizes their reports to an evaluee’s specific needs.

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