Disability Representation Services

The Social Security Disability application and appeal process can be a very frustrating and confusing system to navigate. In addition, if an initial application is denied, it can take up to two years or more for a decision. Denials are at an all-time high. A disability representative assists with the initial application to insure the best possibility to have benefits awarded and to avoid the lengthy appeal process. Should a case be appealed, the representative assists in submitting the requisite documentation to the Social Security Administration and presents the case to the administrative law judge.

The Social Security Administration recognizes both attorneys and non-attorney representatives as being eligible to represent claimants in the application and initial appeal process. Non-attorney representatives eligible for direct pay have passed a rigorous testing process through the Social Security Administration and complete continuing education requirements each year. Representation fees are paid directly to eligible non-attorney representatives; and, just like attorneys, non-attorney representatives are only paid if a case is rewarded.